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Create your own database

Map work processes, organize your data and automate your everyday work. Our visual database helps you network data in a meaningful way. ApptiveGrid is your construction kit for individual enterprise applications.

Visual database

Easily design your databases according to your ideas and requirements

Data types

ApptiveGrid offers the right data type for any suitable information.


Always display your data appropriately. Whether as a calendar, map or Kanban board.

Working in a team

Invite collaborators to your projects and work together as a team.
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One database many views

Create smart views and display only the information you need. Filter, sort or hide data types and save your settings.

Organize processes

Plan tasks and projects, monitor your team's progress and always be on schedule. Visualize your processes with the Kanban view.

All dates at a glance

Schedule your appointments and deadlines. Link the calendar view to your grid and capture all important appointments instantly.

Your places smartly visualized

Display data directly on a map and easily share the map via link.

Create exactly the form you need.

Create personalized forms tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your customers, sales representatives, or external partners.

Whether you're collecting customer data, receiving employee feedback, or requesting information from external partners, our personalized forms are the ideal solution for managing your data efficiently and securely.
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Customize your forms to your liking in just a few clicks.


Integrate your forms into your existing processes. Whether in your website, via QR code or as a web link. That way, you capture data exactly where it's generated.


Invite others to add data via a link. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
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Process automation

Automate recurring work

Automate recurring work steps and save valuable working time. Have processes executed automatically at a specific time or event.
NoCode Workflow Editor
Integration of your systems
Customizable via drag&drop

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