Task planning

Whether planning their projects or tasks, organize your to-do list together via app with ApptiveGrid

Team task management

With the ApptiveGrid ToDo app you manage your tasks together as a team

Create mobile tasks

Create new tasks on the go directly via mobile app

Customizable ToDo List

Completely customizable - use a variety of data types

Digital task list

No more notepad lists - all tasks always with you with ApptiveGrid task scheduling
Dashboard mockup

All tasks at a glance

With the ToDo app you create intuitive checklists & tasks and always have your projects in view. Whether on the PC or on the go via app. Say goodbye to paper chaos.

Whether in the office or in private

ApptiveGrid ToDo is the perfect tool for organizing, planning and collaborating on common projects. Capture and organize tasks exactly when they occur to you. Set deadlines and always keep track of every milestone and deadline. Organize tasks Kanban-style with boards. Collaborate on projects with others by assigning tasks to them. Prioritize tasks, track your progress via app and PC, and always be on top of your game. Eliminate any note chaos with ApptiveGrid's digital to-do list.
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Template questions and details

Templates are ready set up for your use case
Your tasks and to-do list digitally captured
With ApptiveGrid task management you can easily manage and organize your projects and tasks digitally. Work together as a team and assign tasks to each other. With the ApptiveGrid app, everyone always has an overview of their tasks and deadlines - simple & digital.
With KanBan Boards always everything in view
Organize and schedule your tasks in our Kanban view. Drag and drop your tasks to the next project phase. Additionally, monitor all deadlines and due dates via the networked calendar. With ApptiveGrid task planning, you can organize your everyday work easily and efficiently.
Never miss a deadline again
With ApptiveGrid task scheduling you write adherence to deadlines in capital letters. Monitor all your deadlines on your PC and make sure you're always on schedule.
Customizable thanks to NoCode
ApptiveGrid as a NoCode platform is maximally flexible for you. Decide which task descriptions you want to capture. Add categories, document your to-do list with file attachments. Decide yourself which data types you want to capture. Changes to the digital forms are transferred to the APP in real time.

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