Visitor Management

Organize your visitors' registrations via tablet or smartphone and leave a positive digital first impression

Fast visitor registration

Speed up the registration process of your visitors with the help of our digital forms

Digital visitor list

Without pen and paper - paperwork and folder chaos are history with the ApptiveGrid visitor list

Customizable forms

You determine which data is to be recorded. The integrated form editor gives you all the freedom you need

Real-time overview

Always be up to date on which visitors are currently registered or already checked in with you
Dashboard mockup

Organize registration at the reception - with ApptiveGrid Visitor Management

With the visitor list template and mobile app, you can quickly and easily record relevant visitor data, check-in status and arrival and departure times. Forget about paperwork and simplify your registration process with our digital registration form.

A solution for your reception

Our digital forms allow you to speed up and simplify the visitor registration process. You can choose what information you want to capture and keep track of the flow of visitors to your business. With the ability to self-check-in, the process becomes even faster and easier for your visitors, contributing to an overall positive experience. By eliminating pen and paper, you can also avoid the hassle of folder chaos and manage all data centrally and digitally.
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Template questions and details

Templates are ready set up for your use case
Contemporary and modern visitor book
With ApptiveGrid visitor list you offer your guests a modern and contemporary reception. Paperwork and paper forms are history with visitor registration.
Clear representation of the checked in guests
Never lose track of which guests are currently visiting you. Search for specific guests or filter by days. With ApptiveGrid's filters, all possibilities of organization are open to you.
Clean and complete documentation for your company
With ApptiveGrid Visitor Registration, your guest list manages itself. All data is tabulated and can be accessed from any computer at any time.
Branding in your own design
Choose the design of your choice. Through the form editor you set logo, color and the content. So already your registration form feels part of your company.

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