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ApptiveGrid Inventory provides clarity in a simple way wherever inventory is involved.

Central inventory management

Manage and organize all your inventory data centrally in the office using ApptiveGrid Inventory Management. This way you keep the overview.

Time & cost saving

With digital inventory management, you can manage inventory data efficiently, saving time and money.

Mobile inventory management

Add new inventory and make changes from anywhere with the ApptiveGrid app.

Flexible data acquisition

Flexible & Customizable - Decide which data to capture.
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The digital solution for inventory management

ApptiveGrid Inventory Management allows you to manage your inventory digitally and thus significantly reduce the effort required for manual records. You always keep track of your inventory and can record maintenance deadlines and the status of the inventory via photo documentation.

Code scanner via app

Inventory management can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if you still rely on paper or Excel spreadsheets. Our ApptiveGrid digital solution can help you reduce the effort by 95%, saving you time and money in the process. With ApptiveGrid, you can assign inventory numbers, assign items to the appropriate departments and people, note maintenance deadlines, and document the status of items through photo documentation. Setting up your inventory form takes less than 5 minutes and is simple and intuitive.
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Template questions and details

Templates are ready set up for your use case
Quick and easy inventory management with ApptiveGrid
Whether warehouse, inventory, material or item inventory - with ApptiveGrid you can record your entire inventory directly via app and organize it conveniently on the PC. With the digital inventory you manage material output, document damages and purchase data and always have all inspection data in view.
Customized & Customizable
ApptiveGrid adapts to your needs. You choose which data to capture and your employees get the updated digital form synced to the app in real time.
Save costs & personnel
Put an end to paperwork. The organization between employee and office takes place all by itself. Your warehouse employees automatically sort and document all recorded data in ApptiveGrid. This saves you hours of work and personnel costs.
Which inventory labels can I use?
Use commercially available inventory labels with barcode or QR code and let our mobile app do the rest. With the free mobile app, capturing and managing inventory has never been easier. Simply scan the label with the built-in barcode scanner and link it to an entry. Effortlessly capture new inventory or recall existing entries with just one scan. Save valuable time and minimize human error.

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