Digital sick note

Put an end to the chaos of notes. With this template, you'll digitize your sick notes in no time.

Digital sick leave form

Your employees call in sick in real time via the digital sick call form.

Upload AU certificate directly

Have your employee upload the certificate of incapacity to your digital personnel file directly.

Automatic transmission to tax advisor

Send the sick leave automatically to your tax consultant. With ApptiveGrid, you always have an overview of the entire process.

Workflow builder saves time

Use the Workflow Builder to automatically inform affected colleagues and supervisors. This saves you valuable working time.
Dashboard mockup

Digital sick note per form

With the ApptiveGrid sick note template, you can quickly and easily digitize your HR department. The digital sick note form saves you from tedious paperwork and ensures a better organization of your workflows.

AU certificate simply upload via cell phone

With our digital sick note, you save time and avoid paperwork. Employees report sick using a form and upload the sick leave certificate. Automated workflows inform affected colleagues and supervisors or send the sick leave certificate directly to the tax office. Everything is DSGVO-compliant. By automating the process, you not only save time, but also minimize potential sources of error and increase the accuracy of your data.
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Template questions and details

Templates are ready set up for your use case
Sick leave by form
With ApptiveGrid Sick Leave you simplify the sick leave reporting of your employees. Let your employees call in sick directly from home via smartphone. Automatically record certificates of incapacity to work and be free from the chaos of notes.
A contribution to the digital personnel file
Put an end to folders and paper chaos. With the digital sick note you get one step closer to your complete digital personnel file. Organize your data effectively in the browser and have all your personnel data sorted and ready for retrieval at any time.
Automate your sick notes
Avoid unnecessary effort and use your workforce wisely. With ApptiveGrid Workflows, you can automate your sick leave process from the first symptom of illness to the tax consultant. Inform colleagues and employees automatically so that no tasks are left undone.
A digital form according to your wishes
Customize your digital form according to your needs. With the form editor, you decide at any time which data you need and which you don't. Easily and without installing additional applications or notifying the IT department.

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