Accident protocol vehicle

With this template you can react quickly in case of an accident with your company car and document everything

Digital accident report on the smartphone

Fill out the accident report digitally on your cell phone. This will save you valuable time and avoid scribbling important information on paper.

Digital accident data acquisition on site

Capture the data of all parties involved in the accident and have the accident report digitally signed directly on site.

GPS tracking and damage documentation

Save the accident location via GPS and document damage via photo and video.

Passing on information in the event of an accident

Through our workflows, everyone is informed about the accident by mail directly after sending the protocol and can immediately view all damage data
Dashboard mockup

Your digital accident report for seamless recording

A traffic accident is stressful, costs time and nerves and requires many questions to be clarified. Our digital accident report supports you efficiently, digitally and comprehensively in the event of damage. With our damage report, you record all relevant data directly at the accident site and are thus always directly on the safe side legally.

Digital accident log: Descriptions, files, photos & locations - all in one

With the accident log, you are well prepared even in the event of stress. Enter all accident data directly, weatherproof and lossless, and send it to the ApptiveGrid WebApp. Your fleet manager thus has an overview of the accident. This enables seamless further processing with the insurance company, the workshop or the other party involved in the accident.
Dashboard mockup

Template questions and details

Templates are ready set up for your use case
You don't have a pen or a piece of paper at hand right now?
Record the accident directly in the web form or via app and thus do not forget any important details. The digital accident log from ApptiveGrid supports you with precise and detailed documentation.
Be on the legally safe side
The photo function can be used to document the damage and immediately make it available to the fleet manager. Upload documents, photos or videos directly at the accident site.
Digital accident log without paperwork
All parties involved are thus quickly and directly in the picture. Send the damage report directly to the insurance company. Of course, the workshop that may be required can also get an immediate overview.
Flexible & Customizable
You decide what information is needed on site. Through the ApptiveGrid Form Generator, you can independently create 100% customizable digital forms.

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