Digital dressing book

No more hand-filled accident reports and stacks of paper full of illegible incidents! Digital first-aid books are no longer a dream of the future.

You are immediately legally compliant

The digital first-aid book fulfills all legal requirements of the DGUV for the documentation of occupational accidents and injuries at the workplace.

Always available in the cloud

Manage all information centrally and enable the management of the dressing book in one system. Thus, you have access to your data from anywhere and at any time.

Secured access to data and entries

Determine who in your company can manage the first-aid book and set various access rights. Injuries and occupational accidents thus become legally secure and data protection compliant.

Simple input

The guided input mask ensures that all necessary data is always available. Your employees receive the digital form directly in the first aid kit via QR code.
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Digitize your first aid management

Accidents and injuries must be documented in a first-aid book. With the digital first-aid book, accidents can be recorded, documented and analyzed afterwards.

Digital first-aid books: an end to tedious paperwork.

The legal regulations according to DGUV § 24 para. 6 stipulate complete documentation of all first aid services for a period of 5 years. With the digital first-aid book, you can ensure a complete, paper-free record. In this way, you identify accident black spots in your company and are optimally prepared in the event of an insurance claim. Your employees simply scan the QR code in the first-aid kit and document all the necessary information directly on their smartphone. All accident data is then directly stored in tabular form and can be used for evaluation.
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Template questions and details

Templates are ready set up for your use case
Can I create multiple dressing books?
Manage several seperate bandage books, which you can use freely in the company. In this way, you will always have an overview. For example, create a separate first-aid book for each first-aid kit.
Who has access to the data?
Of course, you can invite other employees to work together. Initially, however, only you have access to the data. All data is protected by your user login.
DGUV and data protection compliant
Fulfill your documentation obligation according to DGUV § 24 para. 6 conveniently, securely and digitally. All data is processed and stored exclusively within Europe in accordance with DSGVO.
Is there a free trial version?
The basic version of the digital dressing book is free of charge and you can test it directly. Only for more than 1500 entries or more than 3 administrators a license is necessary. This is already available from 7 EUR per user per month.

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